Making a difference one paw at a time.

Hi, and Welcome to our Accomplishments Page! We invite you to take a moment to browse through the photos and read the accompanying success stories. Paw It Forward is proud of our many accomplishments and it is our hope that you will share in our joy as you get acquainted with our most recent doggy recipients. Please visit our page often in order to read more success stories as we continue to Paw It Forward.

Mother o’ mine. Just in time for Mother’s Day, a warm and fuzzy tail of a homeless mom and son, Emma and Zeke.

Emma and Zeke banded together with a man, who was homeless too. The man managed to secure a job in another state; however, he was not able to take Emma and Zeke with him. Before leaving for his new job, the man contacted a rescue organization as he needed help finding Emma and Zeke a forever home.

Before Emma and Zeke can begin the search for their new family, they need to go to the vet. The rescue organization reached out to Paw It Forward for financial assistance with the veterinarian expenses. We said “yes” to the deserving mother and son, who we wish the best of luck as they move toward the next chapter life brings their way. April 30, 2018

No one gets left behind, you know that and so do the members of Paw It Forward. Unfortunately for Chiquis, the family she was living with did not know that when you move you take your entire family with you; you do not take family to the town animal shelter. Chiquis family did one good thing before taking her to the shelter, they decided to call a rescue organization, who knew that this senior gal didn’t stand a chance in the big house, so they took her into their care. Knowing that Chiquis needed to see the veterinarian, the rescue organization asked Paw It Forward for help. Of course, we said “Yes!” Our wish for Chiquis is that she finds a home that knows that family is forever. February 8, 2018

“Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?” You betcha, says Roxy whose favorite song is the ever so popular New Year favorite, Auld Lang Syne. Roxy is also singing farewell to the old year as she is looking forward to new beginnings that will be filled with happiness, hope, and peace. Roxy’s background is one of abuse; however, the rescue group that is helping her resolves to find her a loving home that will give this American beauty plenty of reasons to celebrate. Roxy, Paw It Forward was more than happy to help with your veterinarian expenses, and we hope that you always remember that “there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” December 22, 2017

The members of Paw It Forward cried foul when they heard that a curveball was thrown Pepper’s way. You see, Pepper’s owners decided that they didn’t want her anymore, so they simply tossed her out in the streets to fend for herself. A Good Samaritan stepped up to the plate as a pinch hitter, and asked Paw It Forward to assist with the veterinarian expenses. Paw It Forward didn’t want Pepper to strike out, so we said “yes” to the request. Now that the bases are loaded in Pepper’s favor, all this girl needs is to hit one out of the park by finding a grand slam of a family to call her own. August 21, 2017

Shiver me timbers, Kimber was being peddled in a parking lot when a volunteer from a rescue group came across the sweet lass. Rather than having the peddling scallywag walk the plank, the volunteer took the wee pup into the rescue’s care. The rescue was running low on doubloons, so they asked Paw It Forward for financial assistance with Kimber’s vaccinations, micro-chip, and spay surgery expenses. We said, “Yes!” The members of Paw It Forward hope that Kimber finds a family who knows that faithful friends are the greatest treasures. June 25, 2017

A hunk, a hunk of burning love is being sent Memphis’ way via a donation from Paw It Forward so that the rescue group that is caring for this Pug with a cute mug can pay off an outstanding veterinarian balance for his upper respiratory infection. We hope that Memphis can breathe easier now that he is debt free and that he finds a family who will keep him as snug as a Pug in a rug. May 25, 2017

Joshua’s family fell on hard times, and they needed to find him a family who could care for his needs, so they contacted a rescue group for help. Paw It Forward understands the decision was not an easy one, and that sometimes it is necessary to rehome a beloved furry family member so that he/she can have a better future.

Paw It Forward did not want to sit ringside when it came to helping Joshua a 7 month old Boxer/Pit Mix, so the unanimous decision when asked to help with this sweet-natured fellow’s neuter and vaccination expense was “yes” (it was actually a knockout).

Joshua may feel that he was dealt a low blow, knocked down but not knocked out; however, this bout is not finished as he has a team who will make sure that this champion wins the ultimate prize - a loving home to call his own. May 15, 2017

The Oxford Dictionaries will tell you that Buddy is a close friend. We agree, but we would like to add that Buddy is a poodily pawsome pal who needed a little help with his veterinarian expenses. The members of Paw It Forward wanted to help our little amigo, so we said yes to the request. Our wish for Buddy is that he finds a companion for life who will give him the whole kit and caboodle. April 11, 2017

Scooby-Dooby-Do, where are you? Mystery solved! Scooby is in the care of a loving rescue group, and he needs a little financial help so that he can continue his work as a detective to unlock the unexplainable happenings in the High Desert like the one he finds himself in…how does someone decide that they just don’t have the time for their dog anymore? As Shaggy would say, “Zoinks!”, so did the members of Paw It Forward when they heard tail of Scooby’s dilemma. Rather than trying to solve Scooby’s mystery, his rescue group wants to resolve it by finding this sweet boy a new forever home. First, we’re going to help Scooby by providing the funds needed to get him neutered and take care of an ear issue. Scooby, the next time you hear, “where are you?” we hope that you are being called by your new family for a Scooby Snack. February 18, 2017

Princess Leia is in trouble! Leia has a problem of galactic proportions. She’s lost and alone with five puppies; however, in alliance with a rescue, a Good Samaritan, and Paw It Forward, Leia is getting the help she needs.

Leia was found wandering the desert by a Good Samaritan, who brought the princess into her home. Within days of being rescued, Leia gave birth to five puppies (four boys and one girl). The Good Samaritan is going to foster Leia and the puppies, the rescue will find homes for mom and the pups, and Paw It Forward is going to help with the veterinarian expenses.

Leia, our wish for you and your puppies is that you all find families who will love you to the moon and back. Princess, "Remember...The Force will be with you, always". January 1, 2017

Paw It Forward knows that guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes. For George from the small town of Bedford Falls, it was an angel-in-training named Clarence. For Bailey, it’s a rescue group who took her into their care when her family moved away and left her without a home. Paw It Forward wanted to help make Bailey’s season bright, so we said “yes” when asked to help with her veterinarian expenses. Our wish for Miss Bailey is a home for the holidays so that she, too, will know that It’s a Wonderful Life. December 11, 2016

The members of Paw It Forward know that training is an important part of any dog’s life. In fact, it has been shown that the single most important thing that keeps a dog in his forever home is training. Petey, who was found wandering the desert, needed help with his life skills, so we said “yes” when asked to assist with his educational expenses. We were more than happy to include Petey in our gang, and we hope that the little rascal graduates with honors. November 21, 2016

Have you heard the one about a man who went away and left a dog without a home? Unfortunately, Andi and Elsa know this tail all too well as their owner is moving away and he is not taking the two lovely ladies with him. A rescue organization is stepping up to help,

but Andi and Elsa need to be spayed and vaccinated before they can begin their journey of finding new homes. New homes that know that family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Paw It Forward wants to help Andi and Elsa start their search for a hap-paw-ly ever after story of their own, so we said “yes” when asked to help with the veterinarian expenses. October 30, 2016

Baby, an American beauty, was crying the blues because her family moved away leaving her alone in the backyard. Abandoned, a rescue group stepped in wanting to change Baby’s tune to a sweet sweet lullaby. Believing that nobody puts Baby in a corner, Paw It Forward provided financial assistance that changed the melody to one of love and joy. We hope that the next song this angel hears is “Baby be Mine.” July 28, 2016

We’re all familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s movie To Catch a Thief, but did you ever hear the story of Finn, the lovable fellow who was dubbed ‘the dog nobody can catch’? It is said that Finn was a vagabond of sorts, with no home to call his own, until one day he decided to follow a stranger home. The kind stranger opened her home to Finn and decided to help this resourceful nomad, so she contacted Paw It Forward to assist with his veterinarian expenses. Finn has touched many hearts, stole a few too, as well as socks, and we know that with the help of his new best friend that he will find a family who will fill his life with joy, love, and happiness. June 19, 2016

Say “no” to backyard dogs! Hannah was one, a backyard dog, so she decided that it would be in her best interest to split from her banana-head of an owner. Now in the care of a rescue group, this appealing Husky girl is ready to set her sights on becoming Top Banana in a home of her own. Paw It Forward wants to help Miss Hannah find a family who will love her bunches, so we said “yes” to helping with her spay, vaccinations, and microchip expenses. June 12, 2016

The members of Paw It Forward like fairy-tail endings, so when Pets Forever Found asked for help to spay/neuter Elsa, Anna, and Olaf we said “yes!” Now this cute trio can start the next chapter of their lives by finding families that will provide them with a happily ever after. May 20, 2016

Being sick is no fun. We all know that…especially Jax. You see, Jax has Parvo, but he and the rescue who has taken him into their care plan to fight. Jax’s team has asked Paw It Forward to be their cornerman so that we can help this fighter take down Parvo. Although Jax has been knocked down, he is not defeated. This champion plans to persevere through extreme adversity by making a full recovery as Jax knows some things are worth fighting for like finding a family to call his own. May 16, 2016

Jumping Jupiter! Neptune ​was found wandering in the desert after one of his daring escapes. We think he should have been called "Houdini," but we understand why this handsome boy was given a king of a name instead. After locating his family, it was learned they wanted to put him up for adoption rather than bring this royal fellow home. Neptune says that's okay. He'd rather be with a family that understands him and appreciates him for the Roman god that he is. Before Neptune began his search for his one furever home, he needed to be neutered. Paw It Forwardwas more than happy to help because that is what we are all abow-wow-wow-wout. February 5, 2016

Papa was a rolling stone, a rascal of the love ‘em and leave ‘em variety. When he left, all he did was leave momma alone, in a family way. Unable to care for her pups, Snoopy and Violet, momma had no other choice than to let them go to a rescue group so that they could have a chance at a better life. First, they needed to be neutered/spayed and vaccinated. Paw It Forwardwas more than happy to help.

Snoopy and Violet, Paw It Forward hopes that you find a loving family who knows that you two-rrific pups are all about the love and cuddling and that “happiness is a warm puppy.” Or, two! December 10, 2015

A common tail but true, Dan’s story has touched the hearts of the members of Paw It Forward. You see, Dan’s owner fell on hard times, he lost his job and then he lost his home. Unable to keep Dan, his owner reached out to a rescue group who was willing to help by taking Dan into their care. Before Dan could be placed in the rescue’s adoption program, he needed to have surgery to remove a large mass from his side. Paw It Forward was asked to help with the surgery expense. Of course, we said yes. Our hope for this dapper boy is that he finds a loving home where he can hang his leash forever. September 23, 2015

This poster boy for strength of spirit and second chances was named Lucky when a neighbor stepped in and took him out of his abusive home. You see, Lucky was living an unfortunate life, a life of abuse; he needed to leave his current situation. The kind neighbor called Pets Forever Found, who took Lucky into their care, and is teaching Lucky that people are good, that happiness is an unexpected hug and that kisses are just as sweet. Paw ItForward hopes that Lucky charms a family who will take him into their home and make his life magical. August 12, 2015

“A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.” Sheppy knows this to be true as he was lost and alone searching for help. Using his heart as a guide, Sheppy found much more than help, he found a best friend for life. Following his internal compass, Sheppy found Sarah. Sarah saw the beauty within Sheppy and began to rehabilitate him physically as well as emotionally so that he can find a loving family to call his own. We wanted to help these two friends, so we assisted financially by contributing to Sheppy’s veterinarian bills. Thank you, Sarah, for being a true friend to Sheppy and for rekindling his inner spirit. June 5, 2015

Since he cannot tell his story, we will try our best…

There are no bones about it; the beastly heat and the very harsh condition of the desert are hard to survive. Bob did, but barely. The word around the hydrant is that Bob was found in the desert in a horrible state, near death. Bob was too weak to get up on his own, but he still managed to wag his tail. Taken in by a rescue group, Bob began his journey on the road to recovery, but he needed financial help with his veterinarian bill. That is where we came in. Paw It Forward wishes this dear boy the best, and we hope that Bob finds a family that will keep that tail of his wagging. June 1, 2015

We all know the words to Charlie Chaplin’s song, Smile. Unfortunately for Tyson he can relate to the part about fear and sorrow because he was abandoned in a yard without food and water. There were dark clouds in the sky for Tyson, but the sun came shining through in the form of a rescue group. The rescue group took Tyson into their care and found that the gentle giant was in need of some major dentistry. Paw It Forwardwanted to help light up Tyson’s face with gladness, so we took care of the dental bill. Now Tyson can start every day with a smile due to his ultra bright future. April 17, 2015

Willie Boy, a young fellow of just 7 to 8 months, was found in the desert. Taken in by a rescue group, Willie Boy needed to be neutered before he could join their adoption program. Paw It Forward wanted to help this lost boy find a family to call his own, so we took care of the surgery expense. Willie Boy, please know that "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." You're on the right path now and you will soon forget being lost and alone in the desert. February 22, 2015

How sweet it is! At Paw It Forward, we love tails with a happy ending and that is why we’re sharing Sweetie’s story with you. Sweetie was found wandering the desert with both of her ears bleeding. Taken in by Pets Forever Found, this cutie pie received the medical attention that she needed so that she could find a home sweet home of her own. Paw It Forward was asked to contribute to the medical expenses and we said, “YES!” Sweet dreams girlie, it’s your turn to experience the sweet life. January 25, 2015

It’s raining dogs! Impossible, you say. Well Robby, Rosie, and Suzie Q will tell you that stray dogs do drop down from heaven. They did. Maybe not! There’s no need to study meteorological records, it’s plainly implausible, perhaps a better explanation would be that they were victims of dog dumpers. These three angels were tossed into a stranger’s yard. Taken in by a rescue organization, they needed to be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated before they could start their search for families to call their own. Paw It Forward was more than happy to help. Our forecast is a bright future for the three pups with a downpour of love. October 16, 2014

A death in the family left Lexus and Crissy without a home. A family member, who had no home to call his own, took the two into his care. Knowing that he could not keep the dogs, he looked for help and found it through Pets Forever Found. Pets Forever Found asked Paw It Forward for a helping paw with Lexus and Crissy’s veterinarian expenses. We said “yes”. Paw It Forward is very touched by the family member’s dedication to Lexus and Crissy, and we hope that these two find homes that will shower them with the love and care they so deserve. August 17, 2014

Adventurous pups, Leah and Leo, were found by a hiker near Bell Mountain in Apple Valley. The Good Samaritan brought the brother and sister team to Wee Bar None Ranch where they will be cared for until they find a family of their own. Before Leah and Leo can start looking for a family, they have another journey to go on…to the vets to be spayed and neutered. We were asked to help, and we were more than happy to say “yes” to the request. Paw ItForward wishes the best of luck to these two hiking pups, and we hope that the next path they take leads them to a loving home. August 6, 2014

Dobby had a family, a home to call her own, but it wasn’t a safe haven. You see, Dobby had a canine sibling who didn’t like her, so her owner thought it would be better for Dobby if she found another place to live. Always ready to help, Pets Forever Found stepped up and took Dobby into their care. Before Dobby could begin her search for a new family, she needed to be spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. Paw It Forward was more than happy to help Dobby so that she can start looking for a forever home that is safe and loving. July 26, 2014

Puppies do the darndest things! They make everything better as their endless curiosity will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Coya, who is in foster care waiting for a forever home, is no different. This four month old puppy has an inquiring mind and wanted to know about the doggy cot at her foster home so she ate part of it. That’s what puppies do. This time Coya’s antics got her into trouble because her little experiment resulted in an obstruction that required surgery. Friends of Coya are raising funds to cover the cost of the surgery so they asked Paw It Forward for help. We said “yes” and contributed towards the surgery expense. We wish Coya a speedy recovery so that she can get back to doing what puppies do best…play! July 24, 2014

“[sur-vi-vor]: To beat the odds, one with great courage and strength, a true inspiration.” Here’s Meela (a.k.a. Marla), a true survivor. Meela got out of her yard, was attacked by either a mountain lion or bob cat, and then was surrendered by her family. Meela found help, received life-saving surgery, and a place to stay while she recovers (she's in a foster home). Meela is on the mend, and she plans to put this all behind her; however, due to the extensive injuries she received she will require additional veterinarian attention. Paw It Forward was more than happy to help with the aftercare expenses for this determined and resilient girl. Meela, may your dreams of finding a Forever Family become a reality.

July 15, 2014

Looking forward to retirement? Momma Dog was until she found herself in a very bad situation – a county shelter. Lucky for Momma Dog, Cathy from Pets Forever Found rescued this beautiful senior lady who was used as a breeding dog. Momma Dog knows that the key to a successful retirement is planning, so she turned to Paw It Forward for financial assistance with her veterinarian bills. Now debt free, Momma Dog can relax. Momma Dog, here's to a happy retirement, and remember that life is only going to get better. February 27, 2014

Hello to all of my Friends at Paw It Forward...!

I just wanted to Thank You myself for getting me out of jail. It was such a horrible event in my life! I certainly hope that none of you have to go through a case of mistaken identity and end up in a horrible jail cell! Christmas was wonderful at my friend's home, where I am staying temporarily until I move to my permanent residence. We had a fabulous dinner with all the fixings, even sweet potato pie for desert! Well, that's all for now. I will be interviewing some very lovely families next week to see if I fall in love with them and them with me. I will keep you posted. Thanks again from the bottom of my Heart and Paws!

Faithfully Yours, Jacqueline Tailwag.

P.S. The nice people at Happy Mutts/Pets Forever Found Rescue wanted me to also Thank You on their behalf. You are the Greatest!!! December 2013

You've heard it all before, and you’ll hear it again (unfortunately). It’s a tailas old as time. He had dreamy eyes. She thought she was in love. She became pregnant. He didn't stick around. She was scared, but she found help. An independent rescuer took this unwed mother, now known as Kiera, into her care and helped delivered the puppies. Now it’s time for Mom to find a home of her own; however, before a new family can be found, Kiera needed to be spayed. Wanting to help, Paw It Forward provided the financial assistance needed for Kiera’s vaccinations and surgery. Best wishes, Kiera. We hope that your search for a loving family is a short one.

August 28, 2013

We call them lucky, their rescuer calls them Big Dude and Little Dude. Known to their friends as Big D and Little D, these two boys (intact) were found as strays. An independent rescuer has taken the Dudes into her care, and she plans to do whatever she can to assure that these two boys get a loving home to call their own. First, the boys needed to be neutered, and Paw It Forwardfeels nothing says cool dude more than a neutered dog, so we were more than happy to help. Good luck Big D and Little D, Paw It Forward wishes you the best in your search for a new family. August 13, 2013

Benji arrived at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in pretty bad shape. The folks at the shelter aren’t sure what happened to Benji, their best guess is that he was hit by a car (surgery is required to repair some leg damage). An independent rescuer has taken Benji into her care; she will make sure that he receives the surgery needed to repair the injured leg. Paw It Forward was asked to contribute to Benji's surgery expense…we said “yes!” Paw It Forward sends best wishes for a speedy recovery to this sweet boy so that he can start to run and play and do all the things a doggie should do.

July 26, 2013

Buster Boy, a stray with good intuition, decided that he needed help. Buster Boy picked a house to walk up to and was lucky to find a kind lady who took him in, and who called Wee Bar None Ranch for help. Buster Boy injured, apparently someone brutally cut off quite a bit of his tail, needed surgery to repair the damage (he also needed to be neutered). Paw It Forward was able to help Wee Bar None Ranch with the surgery expense. Paw It Forward wishes only the best for Buster Boy, and we hope, since Buster Boy no longer has a full tail to waggle, that he finds a family who makes his whole body wiggle with happiness. July 24, 2013

It’s Independence Day for Duke; he’s free from a life of neglect and pain thanks to Pets Forever Found. It’s time for this prince of a fellow to enjoy the lazy daze of summer and to find a family that will fill his life with love. Duke was found in the desert, in the heat of the day, bleeding from his front leg, emaciated, and dying from heat exhaustion. During the veterinarian examination, it was determined that Duke was shot (pellets and a bullet were found in his leg). Paw It Forward was able to help Pets Forever Found by donating towards the cost of Duke’s emergency surgery. July 3, 2013

Frogger, the Little Dog Who Could, was found on the side of the road with a broken back. Although Frogger found himself in a grim situation, this prince now has a chance at a fairy tail ending thanks to Doggie Protective Services. Paw It Forward was more than happy to contribute to Frogger's surgery expense. April 22, 2013

Willie, a 2 and a half month old Labrador Retriever/Boxer mix, whose description proudly declares him as goofy as well as playful, affectionate, and even-tempered was born with more parts than he needs, he was born with an extra aorta. Willie required open heart surgery to correct the defect. Paw ItForward was more than happy to help Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group by contributing towards Willie’s surgery expense. February 17, 2013

Found as a stray, Chiquita was taken into the care of Wee Bar None Ranch. Chiquita needed surgery for a severe infection plus she needed to be spayed. Paw It Forward was more than happy to contribute to Chiquita's veterinarian expenses. Paw It Forward wishes Chiquita Bonita the very best, and we hope she finds a family that treats her like the Top Banana (she deserves it!). November 2, 2012

Mikey, who is under the care of Pets Forever Found, needed surgery for injuries sustained from a car accident. Paw It Forward helped by contributing to the surgery expense. We wish Mikey the best with his rehabilitation, and we hope that he finds a family who will treat him to hamburgers, plain, from Del Taco because “Mikey likes it!” October 30, 2012

From Pets Forever Found (October 26, 2012)...

Thank you so much for all of your kindness! Betsy will now benefit from her greatly needed surgery and we will find her the loving forever home she truly deserves! You guys are the greatest! Thanks once again for helping one of our homeless sweethearts live happily ever after. Cathy

That's Roxann, our President, and Tuffy working the Paw It Forward booth at the Paw Prints Dog Club's Very Fun Match on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

"You are my Sunshine."

To celebrate the Town of Apple Valley's Paws-N-Claws Pet Fair, Paw It Forward sponsored a shelter dog. Meet Sunshine! Sunshine came to the shelter as a stray. We wish this sweet gal a sunny future.

Sunshine was adopted on November 3, 2012!

Paw It Forward attended the Town of Apple Valley’s Paws-N-Claws Pet Fair that was held on Saturday, September 8th. We’ve been attending the pet fair since 2008!

This is Charm. Charm wasn't living a happily ever after type of life, but things are about to change for this gal as she has found help. An independent rescuer has taken Charm into her care, and she is committed to finding this precious angel a safe and loving home to call her own. Paw It Forward was happy to help with Charm's veterinarian expenses.

From Mojave Desert Animal Rescue, Inc. (September 5, 2012)...

I cannot thank Paw It Forward enough for your assistance with Blue! He’s a WONDERFUL dog-still sick but improving daily. All of Blue’s post-surgical care will be at Bear Valley Animal Hospital, in Apple Valley. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!


From Save A Small Dog Rescue (August 6, 2012)...This is the little guy, Princeton (pulled from the Devore Shelter), that "Paw It Forward" helped with the blood panel. It took nine months, but he has finally found a great forever home and we couldn't be happier for him!

Princeton was adopted at the PETCO in Beaumont on Saturday 8/04. Yeah, we're so happy for him!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our recent success stories. Paw It Forward has a long history of helping our canine friends. We listed some of their names below and we thought you might like to read them, one paw at a time.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our recent success stories. Paw It Forward has a long history of helping our canine friends. We listed some of their names below and we thought you might like to read them, one paw at a time.

Buddy, Noni, Buddy Jr, Houdini, Daisy, Roxie, Bridgette, Charm, Gracie, Ellie, PJ, Humphry, Dot, Princeton, Samm, Baya's Pups, Prissy, Spunky, Mia, Hercules, Tug, Billy Boy, Daisy the Boxer, Sassy, Sadie, Hobo, Haven, Abby, Jiffy Pop, Pollie, Angie, Joey, Shayde, Candie and her Pups, Blue, Citizen Kane, Meteor, Wryley, Gizmo, Egan, Rizzo, Katy, Sunshine, Stuart, Betsy, Mikey, Chiquita, Percy, Cindy, Willie, Frogger, Stallone, Chevy, Garth, Selena, Duke, Buster Boy, Benji, Big Dude, Little Dude, Angie, Kiera, Keenan, Vail, Esher, Momma Dog, Meela, Jacqueline, Coya, Dobby, Leah, Leo, Lexus, Crissy, Robby, Rosie, Suzie Q, Sweetie, Willie Boy, Tyson, Bob, Sheppy, Lucky, Dan, Sophie, Wags Snoopy, Violet, Neptune, Fenway, Jax, Elsa, Anna & Olaf, Hannah, Finn, Baby Andi & Elsa, Petey, Bailey, Captain, Leia & Pups, Scooby, Buddy, Joshua, Memphis, Kimber, Dozer, Pepper, Roxy, Chiquis, Emma and Zeke