Making a difference one paw at a time.


Paw It Forward…To assist, financially and physically, those rescue organizations and individuals who foster and give aid to homeless and abandoned dogs. To encourage others to join together for the cause of improving the quality of life for all canine companions.

"Meet Our Members"! Paw It Forward is proud of every one of its members and we would like you to meet them individually. The inspiration behind Paw It Forward is the love we share for ALL dogs, especially our very own. So we came up with what we think is the pawfect way to introduce ourselves -- Paw It Forward would like you to "Meet Our Dogs"! We invite you to enjoy the photos as you read the names of the members below. After meeting our dogs, we think you'll know why it pleases us every time we have an opportunity to Paw It Forward.

Our Board:

Roxann Webb - President, Ellen Keen - Vice President, Andrea Greaves - Secretary, Sandy Swartz - Treasurer

Our Members

Bailie Member: Debbie

Dillon, Ciara, Ty, Riley Member: Christie

Daisy & Nadine Member: Connie

Max Member: Ellen

Jake, Hannah, S'ox, Gracie Members: Andrea & Audie

Cleo & Tucker Member: Sandy

Cally, Jasmine, Sage, Shasta Member: Cindy C

Joey & Ruckus Member: Roxann

Ellie, Lucky, Coco, Honey, Topaz. Member: Kathy C

Chip, Rebel, Gunner & Link. Member: Joy

Logan Member: Deanna

Newbie, Truly & Spud Member: Cindy B

Members Reunited On Rainbow Bridge

Ginger Member: Jan

Toby & Ruby Member: Kathy L

Our friend Ted Kalil who set up all things legal. Thank you Ted, you are missed.