Paw It Forward donates thousands of dollars every year to assist our canine friends in need, but we don't stop there! Rescue organizations and individuals who foster can always use things like towels and dog food which Paw It Forward donates through our highly successful food and towel drives. And there's more! Paw It Forward is very pleased to offer the following ongoing programs:

We at Paw It Forward know that adopting a rescue or older dog has its advantages. We also know there are challenges. Paw It Forward would like to help the new pet parent through the process of adopting, training, and bonding with their “new best friend” by making available, to local rescue organizations and individuals who foster, a comprehensive, easy-to-read book written by Patricia B. McConnell and Karen B. London.

Love Has No Age Limit, Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home, is a practical resource that places a strong emphasis on preparation, and guides the new owner through the process of welcoming an adopted dog into their home. The book provides the new family with the tools needed to build a good relationship with their newly adopted dog.

Rescue organizations who have received the book tell us that it is a valuable tool in their rescue efforts. In fact, one organization has discovered another use for the book. Not only do they distribute the book to new pet parents, they give the book to their new volunteers to read so that they have a better understanding of rescue dogs and their needs.

If you find Love Has No Age Limit, Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home, a worthwhile project, please consider a donation to help pay for additional books. Our goal is to make every adoption a healthy, happy experience. You can contact us at

Paw It Forward’s Turn Around Toys are donated toys that need a new home. Some of the donated toys are new, but most are gently used and need a stitch or two to become useful again. The toys have been cleaned and restored so that they can have a second chance at being played with.

We distribute the toys to rescue organizations, animal shelters, and individuals who foster so that the second chance toys can bring a little joy to the dogs waiting for their forever homes. The toys provide both comfort and positive stimulation for the dogs, AND, more importantly, from the dogs’ perspective, toys add much-needed fun to their day.

If you have unwanted toys, new or gently used, that you would like to donate to our Turn Around Toys program, please let us know at

In the spirit of our mission, we ask you to join us in our cause. If you are not able to participate in one of our ongoing programs, there are so many other ways you can help animals in need. For example, you can:

Volunteer your time at the shelter or with a rescue group,

Collect and donate supplies that shelters and rescue groups always need, such as towels,blankets, toys, dog beds, exercise pens and crates,

Save your pennies and donate them to the shelter or to a rescue group,

Recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles and give the money earned to the shelter or to your favorite rescue group,

Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to spay and neuter their pets, and

Think of your own project to help with rescue.